Saturday, 6 May 2017

Grand Jury Investigations into the Russian Connection

Are there Grand Juries already investigating the Trump-Russian connection?

A number of Washington insiders certainly think so.  And FBI Director Comey’s comments to the Senate on Wednesday seem to indirectly confirm such suspicions.

 Yesterday, Keith Olbermann on his GQ’s “The Resistance” webcast pointed out there is “strong reason to believe there is a grand jury sitting in the Eastern district of Virginia right now, hearing evidence about the connections between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russians.”  Between 28 and 42 named individuals are supposed to be involved.  Olbermann also suggested that this was confirmed by FBI Director James Comey’s comments before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing earlier this week.
Comey hinted as much, Olbermann argued, when he testified on May 3 before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was currently “coordinating” with “two sets of prosecutors,” including the “main Justice [Department] National Security Division” and “the Eastern District of Virginia U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

Olbermann asked John Dean, former White House counsel for Richard Nixon, about Comey’s comments, and Dean replied that it would be “difficult to believe that there is not a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia.”

On Sat, May 6, Joy Ann Reid on MSNBC also referenced the tweets of Claude Taylor, the main insider source for Olbermann, that at least one of the Federal Grand Juries had almost completed their work. Taylor’s sources had told him that state and federal Grand Juries were convening a RICO (racketeering) case, and a FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) case, both regarding Trump’s team and collusion with Russia.   

In his testimony to the Judiciary Committee this past week, Comey specified that the FBI was working with “two main sets of prosecutors” – one being the Eastern District of Virginia, popularly known as the ‘rocket docket’. There is a Grand Jury investigation convened by the US Government in the Eastern District of Virginia, “Case Name Not on File” was filed on April 17th. Meanwhile, in the Southern District of New York, also on April 17th a RICO case was filed, with the plaintiff not listed.

There is no way to confirm any of this, yet, and it seems odd that the mainstream media is not all over this information.  But it may well be that the Russian Connection story is going to get much more interesting this coming week. 

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