Sunday, 29 January 2017

And this is just the beginning....

The organizers of The Resisterhood found out yesterday that Trump filed the necessary paperwork to set up a campaign for re-election in 2020, FIVE HOURS after his inauguation.  To put this in context, Obama filed this paperwork for his 2012 re-election campaign in April 2011.  An incumbant doing this before the midterms is apparently unheard of.

Here is the letter, which is posted on the US Federal Election Commission pubic site. 

Beyond its arrogance and narcissism, this is actually a very significant development with rather dire implications.

As the Resisterhood explain, by establishing himself as a candidate already, Trump can curry favor with PACs, businesses, and other organizations as Trump the candidate, not Trump the president. And by doing so it means that different rules apply to how non-profit organizations can handle him.

For non-profits registered under IRS 501c3 rules cannot "campaign" against a registered candidate -- that is speak negatively in public about Trump -- or risk losing their nonprofit status.   Here is the rule in question:

Just think about what this means for an organization like Planned Parenthood.....

It also further muddies the ethical swamp that is Trump's entangled business, political and government interests.

The bottom line is that it appears that Trump, or (more likely) Bannon and Jared Kushner, are already thinking about how to use every legal loop hole to silence dissent. 

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